Staff List

Paula L. Calvert, MBA - C.E.O.

Amber Wolfe - Director of Human Resources

Jill Willey - C.F.O.

Mary Konikowski - Accounting Specialist

Lee Ann Smith - Representative Payee

Carrie Wheat - Director of In-Home Services

Amy Page - In-Home Services Coordinator

Robin Harto - R.N. for In-Home Services

Debbie Chiplinski - In-Home Assessment Coordinator

Bud Dupke - Director of Transportation

Gerald Vessels - Transportation Coordinator

Andy Wesolowski - Director of Nutrition

David Whitelatch - Nutrition Coordinator

Bonita Brown - Kitchen Prep

Ralph Clark - Nutrition Driver

Scherry Hornak - Site Coordinator

Michele Page - Site Coordinator

Greg Layman - Driver

Kevin Hess - Driver

Jeff Benedict - Driver

Christopher Gould - Driver

Jody Woodford - Driver